Workout of the day, August 22, 2012


Today’s workout is going to be a little different for my class. Last winter I picked up two 70lb sacks of sand from Lowe’s and fastened some rope handles to them for extra grip. Altogether these custom built workout bags cost me around $11 to make. If you were to buy a similar set-up it’s going to cost you at least $50 or more.

Today we’re going to take those bags and secure about 30 ft of rope to each. Starting in a seated position each person must use the rope to pull the bag across the gym to their position. They cannot stand but must remain seated. They can however brace themselves with their feet. We’re going to do this 10 times. After each pull the puller must stand and run across the gym with rope in tow to reset the exercise again and start all over. I’m going to give them 15 minutes to do this after a 5 minute warm-up. Then they will rest and move on to section two of the workout.

Section two is a simple cardio routine. Each participant must do 15 Jump Squats, followed by 15 Pushups, and 15 modified sit-ups on the floor. They may move at a whatever pace is comfortable but must complete at least two rounds in the 15 minute time-frame that is allotted. Failure to complete two rounds will result in 10 Burpees being tacked on to the end of the workout. So the whole workout will look something like this:

800m jog and 20 Jumping Jacks for warm-up

10 sandbag rope pulls across gym or a.m.r.a.p. in 15 minutes.

2 minute rest break

15 Jump Squats

15 Pushups

15 Modified Floor Situps

At least 2 rounds in 15 minutes or 10 penalty Burpees.

This will be a serious test for some of my trainees not used to running or quick succession plyometric exercises. The real goal is not to see who can be a bad-ass though and blaze through the whole thing but who will attack it with determination and grit and not give up.

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