Workout of the Day, August 20, 2012


Last week we mixed in a lot of Bodyweight movements with circuits for a high Intensity blast. This week we’re going to continue with that trend but we’re going to add a heavy weight training component to the first half of our routine. Today is all about Shoulders and Hamstrings. During these moves we’ll use short sets with Maximum weight to torch our muscles and trigger growth. If you can go more than five reps at a time then you need to add weight. We want to be experiencing complete muscle failure with that fifth rep. Obviously bumpers would beneficial here as well as a spotter. If you don’t have access to those though; the smith machine will do in a pinch. As always be careful, know your limits and be honest with yourself about your capabilities.

Warm-up by completing 200 Jump Ropes or 50 double unders, followed by 10 Burpees.

The Workout:

5 Deadlifts (max weight while keeping strict form)

5 Overhead Push Presses (use a squat rack to get the weight on your shoulders if needed, or clean the bar to the rack position)

You have a total of 20 minutes to complete this simple routine. Focus on good controlled reps with a full range of movement and feeling each contraction.

The second portion of our workout will involve more cardio mixed with some strength training to stretch out the muscles exhausted in the first routine.

The 2nd Workout:

Run 400 Meters as fast as possible (Run not jog or walk ; 5.5-6.5 mph pace)

15 Arnold Squats ( use lighter dumbbells for these. You should be nearing failure by the 12th rep)

16 Mountain Climbers ( alternate legs, and touch your knee to your elbow)

As before you’re going to repeat as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.


If you need to stop to catch your breath, puke, or drink water do so. This is not a race but a test of your ability, drive, and determination. See what you can do and push yourself.

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