Workout of the Day, August 17, 2012

Today’s workout will be the routine my bootcamp does tomorrow morning. It’s going to consist of  several stations and done as a “chipper” working from one to the next then reversing back through the stations again. Wash, Rinse, repeat until time expires. This will be shorter than most of my workouts, contrary to popular Cross Training tradition I like to go for a whole hour whenever possible in my bootcamps. Most of my trainees and clients see me only 3 times a week so I need to maximize my time with them. For those of you who attend Boxes or CF gyms everyday. A 20-30 minute routine should suffice.

We’re going to warm-up with a solid 5 minutes of jump-rope or Jumping Jacks. Don’t cheat here, if you’re not panting and sweating you’re not warmed up. From the warm-up proceed to or first exercise or station.

25 Burpees
30 Air Squat over Bucket or Medicine Ball ( must touch bucket or ball to ensure good form)
40 Push-ups
10 Walking Lunges  (per side) with Dumbbells or Kettlebell
20 Myo-Crunch, GHD Sit-up, or Modified Situp
15 Medicine Ball Thrusters
15 Jumpropes

Total allowed time: 30 minutes

Once you complete the entire Circuit rest for 1-2 minutes than reverse and work back through the routine to the beginning again. This is one round. See How far or how many rounds you can get in 30 minutes. You may be tempted to blast through the first few movements and that’s fine but remember the goal is to have enough gas in the tank to complete the whole round. Have fun and tell me how you do by commenting on this article.

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