Workout of the Day, Thursday August 9, 2012

Today’s workout is all about moving heavy things with explosive power and form. While I encourage you to test yourself with a weight you can do no more than 5-8 reps with a set. Focus on good form and a full range of motion to get the most from each move.
We’re going to start with a short warm-up:

Run 400 meters, than complete 20 Burpees

15 Barbell Military Presses (Finish with Bar overhead and in line with the heels)
15 Barbell Deadlifts (Pull up and back with a straight back, while pushing hips forward.


Again focus on form and completing each movement. Focus on dropping your hips down at the beginning of the Deadlift almost in a low squat, keeping your torso as upright as possible to force your hamstrings and glutes to power your waist forward. You’re going to continue through these two moves for ten minutes total. Rest for 3 minutes, then prepare for your next workout section.


15 Pullups, inverted rows, or Barbell Bent over rows depending on available equipment

15 Pushups feet elevated

15 Sit-ups (Contract your abs forcefully pausing at the top of each movement than slowly lower your torso down again we want control and contraction not speed)


Complete all the reps for each move before moving on to the next paying attention to form and full range of motion. You will progress through the circuit for 12 minutes completing as many rounds as possible. If doing the Barbell Bent Rows be sure to keep your back straight and shoulders packed and activated. Use a weight you can control and make sure to hold each contraction at the top of the row for just a moment than lower in a deliberate controlled manner, don’t just drop the weight.


The Final rotations for today will be a series of 50m wind sprints. Sprint 50 meters with maximum speed and effort, stop turn around walk back to the starting line then repeat for a total of 10 sprints.

10×50 Meter Sprints


Be sure to hydrate after your workout and eat a good breakfast with lean protein fiber, and some carbs to replenish the glucose stores you exhausted during your workout.

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