Simple Tips for Losing Those Last Few Pounds


In your goal to redefine your body there will come a point where exercise and diet only get you so far. In this plateau state, those last few areas of stubborn fat will hold on tenaciously resisting most efforts to vanquish them once and for all from your lower abs and love handles. Getting rid of those last few pounds calls for extraordinary measures, but it can be done safely and without drugs, crazy workout moves, or extreme dieting.

Fat loss is really about controlling hormones not calories in and out. It is your hormones that signal your body to breakdown fat for energy. Working out triggers a flood of hormones to build muscle, sleep triggers even more helpful hormones but sadly the food we eat also triggers hormone production which is why it’s so important to eat certain foods and not others. Fortunately there are easy ways to help influence those hormones to do what we want.

First drink plenty of water. Fat cells store water in times of need, water that your muscles need to produce energy and store creatine. Being dehydrated pulls water from your muscles and sends it into your fat cells, bloating them and encouraging more fat storage to hold more water, it’s a snowball effect. Drink cold water and take cold showers before bed. Both force your body to burn extra calories to warm up, and the showers will actually encourage your “brown fat cells” which are more closely related to muscle cells to actually burn “white fat cells” or adipose fat for energy.

Supplement with ALA or Alpha-Lipoic-Acid and CLA or Conjugated-Linoleic-Acid. The first acts to send carbohydrates to your muscles for energy storage instead of to the liver for fat conversion. The second along with caffeine, and EGCG, found in Green Tea promotes the burning of stored fat for energy production over carbohydrates. All have been scientifically proven to work and produce results. The key is consistency and dosage. Follow the guidelines on the manufacturer’s bottle. Many weightlifter and body builders use these supplements alongside a pre-workout beverage to tone and trim before competitions.

Drink coffee with meals or green tea, the caffeine will promote fat burning and the acids in the coffee will actually flush the food through your system faster allowing less to be absorbed. I recommend you do this only when eating “cheat” meals though such as at parties or at holiday gatherings. Consuming cinnamon in small doses, like a dash or two will also blunt the insulin response of high carbohydrate foods, limiting their storage as and conversion to fat in the liver. You can also do several sets of air squats, wall pushups, and jumping jacks before and during large junk meals to limit the storage of fat. The muscle contractions trigger a natural response wherein your body prioritizes the muscles, since they’re being worked, as the first destination for calorie delivery.

Since you’re already exercising, try doing your cardio or intervals first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Though I recommend you save your heavy lifting for the afternoon, you can also lift in the morning. After a night of repairing and rebuilding muscle your body’s carb tank is close to empty and it will quickly resort to converting fat into energy during early morning workouts. Just be sure to drink water before hand and during the routines. I drink a glass of NO-Xplode or similar blend containing creatine, caffeine, and Nitric Oxide precursors to stave off hunger pains until after I’m done and further encourage fat burning.

Avoid alcohol. Yeah it sucks but the results speak for themselves. If you’re serious about whittling away body fat; alcohol is the enemy. All too often binge eating and drinking go hand in hand and your body cannot process fat when there is alcohol in your system. Since it is a toxin your body will prioritize metabolizing the alcohol first every time. Also alcohol severely inhibits testosterone production and amino acid combination into proteins. If you must drink do so on Fridays after your workout to limit impact, drink plenty of water during the night and next day and be sure to consume protein shakes containing amino acid blends the next day. Alcoholic beverages have one more issue and it’s that they’re filled with empty calories. A six-pack of full-bodied beer can pack as many as 1800 calories and set you back a week or more.

These are just a few of the tricks I’ve picked up through my studies, training, and research. I’ve experimented with all and found real results and success and encourage you to try them out for at least six weeks. Eat smart, workout, with intensity, and have fun. See you at the beach.

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