The 4 Hour Lifestyle Change


Have you read “The 4 Hour Body?” What about “The 4 Hour Work Week?” If you haven’t you should. If you’ve never heard of Tim Ferriss you need to check him out. I don’t know Tim and I’ve never met him, but one day I will and I’m going to thank him for helping me change my life. The man is a maniac, a genius, a businessman, philosopher, athlete, sage, and vagabond.

Sometimes you need people to help open your eyes. Too often we lack that outside perspective especially concerning our own lives. Sometimes you know a thing deep down in your core. You know that you’re not happy in life; that you’re not doing what you really want to be doing or living like you really want to live. In fact most times we all know what we need to do to change our lives but it’s the courage to act that we are lacking. These two books along with “The Art of Non-Conformity, and The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau, helped me find that perspective over the last year.

I’ve spent most of my adult life chasing “The American Dream.” I’ve never found it though and most of us haven’t. We grew up taught to believe that hard work and deprivation would pay off one day when we were older. Hopefully if we worked hard enough, that one day would come before we were too old and beat down from life to actually enjoy our hard-earned savings and financial freedom. The past 5 years of poor economy, unemployment, financial scandals, and recession have pretty much sunk that dream for the majority of Americans.

I’m not going to lecture on about the current state of things here at home. If you live here than you know how bad it is and if you’re like me; the last thing you want is another reminder of it. I’ve dwelled on the problem long enough, sacrificed enough sleep to it, sweated enough, and bled enough. It’s got me nowhere. It’s time to focus on the solution. It’s time to change the way I think or go down with the ship.

Tim espouses a very simple philosophy in his books and on his blog; “that which is popular is probably wrong.” Then he goes on to demonstrate again and again just how true that maxim is. Human beings are creatures of habit that seek routine and the familiar. We tout our own superiority over other animals yet are one of the few species on earth that will continue on doing a thing again and again; even though it does not work. We continue on as slaves to jobs we hate, and unsatisfying lives because we subscribe to the notion that somehow despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary that it will make us wealthy, happy, and fulfilled one day, we hope.

We’re afraid; it’s that simple. Jobs are scarce and becoming more so each day. What if we strike out on our own and fail how will we survive? How will we pay bills, keep our homes filled with crap we really don’t need or use, pay for a car, cable, the internet, cell phones we use to distract us from boredom and work. What will we do?

Some people will never know the answer to that question and my blog is definitely not for them. It will scare some and probably offend the rest. They will never take that chance, that leap of faith into the unknown. Because it requires faith in yourself and the willingness to fail. They will quote proverbs from business, the military, the Bible, books, and movies all shouting out for action and daring but never ever once act on it. Why? Because they’re afraid of being responsible for their own lives, that’s why. Many of us say we want control but we run from it as fast as we can. We shirk responsibility at work while berating our own boss’s incompetence. We pass our kids off to babysitters and over-worked teachers to raise our kids then whine that they’re not doing their jobs. Sometimes it’s a necessity when a parent is single or working two jobs, but for a growing majority it’s an escape from the responsibility of parenthood. Enough of this though and back to the solution.

I don’t know what we are going to do fix things, and I can’t say because most people I know aren’t willing to do anything to change their situation beyond bitching about it. What I do know is what I’m going to do, what I’ve been doing for the past several weeks.

It all started with “The 4 Hour Body.” I actually picked this book up because MensHealth magazine had included in excerpt in one issue about getting a better night’s sleep. I’ve suffered from insomnia for most of my adult life with no remedy. I work out, eat healthy, read, avoid stress whenever possible, though I would later find that I invented plenty enough on my own to worry a whole village. I just could not get to sleep, more precisely no matter how hard I tried I could not get my mind to turn off and tune out. The more I tried the worse it got. Tim’s recommendations sounded interesting and didn’t call for any kind of medication so I figured it was worth at least the price of a book to try. That book would change a lot about how I look at fitness, train clients, eat, think, and see the world.


To be Continued…….

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