A Calculated Risk; Life Begins Today


If you’re reading this chances are you’re one of my friends or in the extraordinary group of fellow daredevils and alpha-wolf personalities I belong to. A lot of people would say that we are crazy, take too many risks, or that we are ungrateful for what we have. They just don’t understand why we are not satisfied with less and constantly push for more. They say we take too many foolish risks, just this weekend I read a debate on a friend’s status about the difference between a calculated risk and an unnecessary one. The point of the discussion was that all of us out there running these obstacle courses, ultra-marathons, and ruck type endurance events are being reckless and foolish with our lives. We’re taking needless risks.

I would argue that those who look down at us and call us foolish and reckless are the ones really taking the risks. They’re gambling on the notion that one day they’ll have time to enjoy life. They’ve been sold on the notion that trudging along as a worker bee making someone else rich will one day pay-off. They actually believe that if they keep their heads down and do their time someone, somewhere, somehow; will grant them all their hard-earned wishes and desires. I don’t buy that. In fact I’ve seen one outcome to this line of reasoning in my life. It goes a little something like this. You spend all your youth, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s busting your ass to make someone else rich then by the time you have saved enough to retire, you’re broke down and old. You spend your remaining years in a chair, thinking about all the things you never did, wishing you had been a little braver, a little more questioning, and little less willing to settle.

Sure this sounds a little pessimistic but it’s also true and unless you’re very wealthy and privileged, you know exactly what I’m talking about. How many of us watched our parents do this, our grandparents? I’m not going out like that. I will be the one to determine the course of my life. I will not wait around for the good-life fairy to wave her wand my way and grant me something extraordinary. We have the power to make the life we want. The working out, the sweat, the pain, the dirt, and the wounds are about one thing; living. I don’t know what time has been given to me. I may live another 50 years, or it could be five. Regardless I will put life in those years. I will not spend my time in denial of the fact that one day I’ll be gone and all this will be over. People that say you shouldn’t think like that; are lying to themselves. They’re denying reality as if somehow that could change the outcome.

I accept the truth of my life; that someday I will be dead. This doesn’t make me sad in fact I’m glad for that fact, it drives me on, and it pushes me harder. There is a whole wide world out there that we need to see and experience. Be grateful you’re here today because I guarantee you as its going now, those that follow behind us will inherit a world far less beautiful and diverse then the one we now have. You owe it to yourself to do more, to see more, to live harder, faster, and better. You may be willing to bet that you’ll have another shot at this; you may have religion whispering in your ear with promises of better things to come. This is your life though, today right here and right now. You can dream of better things to come and lament about how things used to be, or you could make today the best time you’ve ever known. I’m not taking a risk with future; I’m insuring my future begins today.

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