Plan of Attack

Welcome to the next training cycle here at Legion Fitness. This workout is titled the “Plan of Attack” because that’s exactly what you should be doing every time you approach your gym time; attacking it. The following routines are about intensity, focus, and drive. The workout are short but don’t confuse that with unproductive. We’re going to be utilizing a few basic lifts but attacking them with complete focus on our form and intensity of the reps to achieve the maximum results with the minimum amount of work. We will be using the heaviest weights we can for no more than 5 reps to achieve complete muscle failure using only two sets per exercise and two exercises per muscle group. We will also be working in two-week cycles of heavy weights than two weeks of light weight and body weight only.

The real key to this program though is not what you do in the gym but what you do outside of it. This starts with sound nutrition and rest days. We will be looking at a few basic strategies to maximize the work you do in the gym by fueling your body with sound nutrition and smart habits. If you want to build a beach ready body then this workout is for you. Even though I’ve designed this for those wanting to add muscle size and definition while cutting body fat it can easily adapted to many fitness goals simply by modifying the weights, reps, number of exercises, and reps per routine. Also while I don’t specifically include any “Cardio” workouts feel free to run or jog, spar, bike, or jump rope on your off days or immediately after your weight routines. Try to keep the length of your cardio only sessions to less than 45 minutes though and try to utilize intervals whenever possible to maximize fat-loss.

This program is a hybrid of many different styles and takes a lot of the things I learned during my time using the Punisher Workout and combines them with basic High Intensity Training promoted by body-building legend Arthur Jones. You will be tempted to workout both more frequently and for longer durations but don’t. The goal of this workout is to stress your muscle to the point where protein synthesis and hormone production is triggered not to beat them into submission. We want to work smarter not harder. Also I recommend reading the book “4 Hour Body” for more insight into these training methods.

The Workout


The routine is four days a week, with three rest days. We will start on Monday with our legs to avoid the usual crowd around the bench and chest areas so common on Mondays in most gyms. Try to work your routines in before work or as early as possible to maximize the metabolic impact throughout the day. However it should be noted that the average person is strongest and can do the most work between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. I workout in the morning for convenience ultimately the choice is yours and will depend on your schedule. Below is a typical breakdown of days, and exercises. Feel free to substitute different moves depending on your ability and comfort level. But do not use more than two sets per move and two exercises per body part. The only exception to this rule is on Friday when we will add one more exercise to the back moves. If you can do more than 5 reps you’re not going heavy enough. The 5th rep should be a struggle and require the aid of a spotter if available, If not use a sturdy squat rack or power cage for safety. Always do a warm-up set of each move using only bodyweight. Rest 3-4 minutes between sets and 5 minutes between moves; If you need less time to recover you are not lifting heavy enough.

• Quads, 2 sets of Barbell Squats, 2 sets of Barbell Split Squats
• Calves, 2 sets of Barbell Calf Raises, 2 sets of Bent Legged Calf raises (single leg)
• Core, 3 sets of Swiss Ball Myotatic Crunch, 10 slow controlled reps. 30 seconds each of side plank to front plank to other side plank.
• Two handed Kettleball Swings, 3 sets of 20

• Chest, 2 sets of bench press, 2 sets of weighted Pushups or Dips
• Biceps, 2 sets of Barbell Curls, 2 sets of Barbell reverse grip Drag Curl
• Core, 3 sets of Hanging Leg Raises for 10 reps

Wednesday– Rest or light Cardio

• Shoulders, 2 sets of Dumbbell Lateral Raises, 2 sets of Barbell Military Press
• Hamstrings, 2 sets of Barbell Deadlifts, 2 sets of Barbell Hip Bridges
• Core, 3 sets of Planks for 1 minute
• Two Handed Kettleball Swings, 3 sets of 20

• Back, 2 sets of Weighted Pullups, 2 sets of Bent Barbell Row or Chest Supported Row,
2 sets of Latt Pulldowns for 10 reps each
• Triceps, 2 sets of Triceps Cable Pulldowns, 2 sets of lying bench skull crushers
• Core, 3 sets of Ab rollout with wheel or barbell, 3 sets of cat and camels

I would recommend that if you want to keep your cardio endurance developed that you transition to an easy run, or 30-45 minute interval or boxing session immediately after finishing your weight routines on days you do not focus on lower body work such as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Never run before weight training.
That’s it the whole workout side of the program. It’s simple and at first glance may seem a little bare but I challenge you to apply yourself to each lift using the maximum weight you can for five reps and see the effect it has on you. Tomorrow I’ll be releasing the eating side of the program with a detailed example schedule and list of recommended foods.

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