Beach Season is here!

People always ask me, “Do you know Tyler Durden?” Well okay maybe they don’t ask me that but they are always asking me about shortcuts and tricks for losing weight. Maybe that’s the problem itself; instead of asking me for a program to lose weight they want a shortcut or a gimmick. I can’t say that I blame them I’d love to snap my fingers and have that last little bit of fat stubbornly hanging out on my love handles disappear. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Even though magazines and television commercials are filled with promotions for rapid weight-loss they’re just fantasies or only portraying half the equation. They leave out the part about the balanced diet, avoiding pitfall foods, and working out regularly. Let me give you a few things you can do to help get the results you want and there’s no need to send me three low installments of $9.99.


Now that we’re officially starting bathing suit season the requests for help are piling up and I thought I’d try and help a few friends and clients out with some little tricks to lose weight or more specifically cut fat. This is not a program and I am not doctor. However there are a few things I’ve noticed in my own experience that work every time and can help shed those last few pounds. Used on top of a solid weightlifting and cardio program these tips can help you build a beach ready physique in around 8 weeks or so if you stay serious and don’t cheat.


First off and I know I’ve said this at least a hundred times on this blog, but people still do not listen; drink more water. In fact drink nothing but water. A minimum of 64 ounces a day but preferably around 120 ounces if you drink coffee or workout.  No more sodas, energy drinks, flavored drinks, or alcohol. Yes I know it sucks but this is one of those situations when you need to ask yourself, “how bad do you want it?” The only exception to this rule is coffee or tea, and only in limited quantities. The Caffeine in both is proven to excite the metabolism and encourage the burning of fatty acids to produce energy. Two cups in the morning or afternoon and that’s it. Anymore and the diuretic effects of caffeine will defeat the purpose of drinking all that water in the first place. If you’re like me and use a pre-workout supplement then guess what; no coffee for you that day! I only drink coffee now on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, all days I don’t workout or use my supplement.


I say no alcohol because it depresses the metabolism and actually interferes with the production of muscle and protein synthesis by blocking the conversion of amino acids. There are ways around this but they entail expensive supplements taken frequently while drinking. If you just can’t resist then do yourself and your muscles a favor and drink Friday night and give yourself the whole weekend to process and flush the alcohol from your system. Also consider this beer is made from modern genetically altered grains which are known to contribute to a whole host of metabolic disorders. If you’re even a little gluten intolerant you should avoid alcohol at all cost! The other issue with drinking is that the calories in most alcoholic beverages are simple and empty sugars and carbohydrates that will most likely be converted to fat since it is unlikely that you will be engaged in much strenuous physical activity while drinking. Give yourself one day or weekend a month to indulge, but follow it up with drinking a lot of water.


The second thing you can do if you really want to shred your midsection and reveal those abs is to avoid any kind of food with grain in it. This ties in with what I was saying about alcohol. Look, I love pasta and bread but it is just too hard to procure wheat products that don’t use modern dwarf wheat. The result is a food that plays havoc with your glucose, insulin, and acid levels in your body even if you’re not gluten intolerant. More and more studies are linking modern wheat, specifically its myriad proteins and amino acids with a whole host of issues including diabetes and gout. If you just can’t live without bread choose those brands made from sprouted grains and make sure they’re organic and if possible made from ancient wheat better known as Einkorn Wheat. It has none of the issues associated with modern varieties and is much better for your body.


Avoid rice; brown or white. Eat Quinoa or wild rice, and not the grocery store kind but true wild rice. The government tells us wheat and grains are a great source of fiber and essential to our diets but you should be getting your fiber from vegetables and lots of them. The government has a lasting monetary interest in promoting the consumption of wheat and grain Learn to love beans and nuts. To de-gas beans so to speak, soak them in water with a dash of salt for at least an hour before cooking. Also when I say nuts I mean sparingly as a snack not as a meal and not a whole can at a time. Nuts are calorie dense and most of those calories are fat. a correct serving size is around 12-18 nuts. If you can’t control yourself then don’t go near them. Also ladies a serving size of Peanut Butter is one flat tablespoon, not a heaping mountain of it! While we’re at it Nutella and Chocolate Peanut Butter are not health foods but sugar filled indulgences. Use sparingly and consult a 12 step counselor if you find yourself going through more than one jar every two weeks, as you’re probably addicted.


Ditch the dairy. I cannot even begin to list all the reasons why dairy is bad for you. The government pushes milk like crack and for good reason; the dairy industry is heavily subsidized by the government. You are not an infant and were not meant to suckle at your mom’s tit as an adult so why are you still doing it? Cow or human the act is the same. Likewise your body was designed for human milk not another animal’s you don’t drink cat milk or dog milk do you? A full 90% of adults in America are lactose intolerant to some degree and for a good reason. As a child your body stops manufacturing lactase when you are weaned. Milk producers must add cultured enzymes called; you guessed it, lactase to the milk and cheese you consume just so your body can tolerate it without you vomiting everywhere. Maybe this is a clue that you shouldn’t be ingesting this. Seriously the largest gains I saw from my diet came from abandoning milk and cheese. Yes now and then I eat some cheese but trust me I notice the effect now.


Finally stop being such a little wuss! Chances are you’re not giving your workouts and fitness program the intensity and dedication they require. You only get what you put into a workout. I’ve also said this a hundred times before but I must say it again; half hearted attempts and efforts net half hearted results. I have seen more progress in weight loss and fitness goals from people who just committed to their current program then from changing it or putting them on another one. I’m willing to bet that more than half of the people who read this aren’t giving their work out a fair chance.


They don’t give each rep their full effort, they screw around and rest too long between sets, or they don’t even bother showing up to begin with. First off; stop looking at the clock for anything besides making sure to use the shortest rest period possible between sets. You’re there to workout so workout and leave all that other crap outside the gym. Focus on why you’re there and think of nothing else but what you’re doing. You should be sweating, and breathing heavy. You should be borderline exhausted and hurting at the end of a session and weak from effort. More importantly you should look like you just ran a marathon not someone who just did their makeup! Go to the gym at least four days a week and give it everything you have. On your rest days, rest and for the love of all that is holy eat something. No RUNNING or Cardio. Do that crap on your workout days after your weight sessions. For the next article I’ll be going over a fitness program for those of you looking for a long-term solution to get you beach ready and keep you that way.

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