Welcome to Legion Fitness Training


Welcome to real world fitness. We’re not going to be jumping over walls, carrying logs through the woods, or pulling concrete blocks on chains. Likewise I’m not going to be timing you through circuits of Olympic lifts, gymnastics, and form intensive moves that can cripple if not done properly. There are dozens of groups doing that as we speak and all promise to get you in shape for obstacle racing, conquering a third world nation, and all kinds of races, runs, and events. If that is what you’re looking for I can gladly point you in a few directions. However if you’re an average person working for a living, just wanting to be better, lose some weight, add some strength or see how far you can go I can help. There is no cost to join and online training is free for your first three months. This is not an obstacle training program. Obstacle racing is not life and life should not revolve around it. Even in the military where the “O-course” was born and raised it remains a very minor part of the total training package.



Let me explain; your training, and workouts should prepare you for anything you might face. They should build strength, stamina, and explosive power in ways that will enable you to overcome anything you may come across on race day. At the point in which your workouts become nothing more than trial runs of actual races you’ve probably lost the point. While it is true that you should train for what you run and run like you train let me ask you; do you get paid for obstacle racing? Are you a serious contender? Or have you like many people today taken something meant to be fun and challenging and turned it upside down and bent your life around it? If so I invite you to put things back into perspective again.

I work out to be fit, to be healthy, and to look good. Like many people I came to fitness to lose weight and rediscover the body of my youth. After spending eight years as a US Marine, I quickly found myself spending more time on the couch then on the road and in the weight room. Life got in the way. I worked 10-12 hour days six days a week and ate what was convenient when it was convenient and soon my sleek 155 pound frame exploded to 215 pounds. By the time my mother passed away from a stroke I could barely run ¾’s of a mile without gasping for air and collapsing in a sweaty pile of goo. Looking in the mirror I was disgusted. What I saw there was not the person I wanted to be or had been.

So I made a choice to be the best man that I could be. I radically altered my diet. I got real with myself about my habits and changed them. I dedicated myself to working out and pushing myself every day. Three years late I am in the best shape of my life. I weigh a muscular 172 pounds. I run 4-5 miles every other day and compete in 5k’s, obstacle races, and other mud runs. I didn’t train for my first obstacle race though. I trained for war. Though I have left the Marines behind the principles of fitness and conditioning I learned there are still with me. Training for war means to train for the unknown, to prepare for anything so that everything one encounters is within your ability. Legion Fitness builds warriors not mud runners.
You may be thinking to yourself that you’re not a warrior. You’ve never served in the military, and have no need in such training. I understand your fear but I challenge you to look deeply at what it means to be a real warrior, not just a media copy of one pandered by companies looking to make money off of your hopes and desire. Training with Legion Fitness is not about shaving your head, roaring your defiance at the world, and storming some distant beach while bullets zing by over head; it’s about wanting more from life, to be more, to refuse to accept less from life. It’s about quiet confidence in your abilities born from being tested in life and overcoming those tests.

Changing your life and becoming the person you want to be starts with your mind. You must truly declare war on the way things are and were and commit yourself to overturning the status quo. Doing things the same old way you always have will only insure the same unsatisfying results you are unhappy with. A warrior fights for what they believe in and I ask you to believe in yourself, to see yourself as whom you want to be and could be. A warrior sees every obstacle and roadblock as a challenge to be overcome. A warrior looks for ways to test their skill and apply their training. A warrior knows that they may be called to act at any time in any place so they train relentlessly for any eventuality. Warriors understand life and circumstances frequently change and when they encounter something new they do not balk or run they laugh and run towards it.

I’ve told you what we won’t be doing at Legion Fitness now let me tell you what we will be doing. We use methods that are tried and true. We use weights, do pushups, pullups, go for runs and work up a sweat. They may not be fancy they may not be the next big trend but they work and they’ve stood the test of time. A good workout isn’t about some crazy new move; it’s about heart and determination. You get from a workout what you put into it. Here at Legion Fitness we will tax your body but also build your mind. I will show you how to face your fears, overcome your preconceptions, and push yourself beyond anything you’ve ever known. I’ll make you a warrior of life, a veteran of hardship, and a true champion, who never quits, never gives up, and knows that life is the result of the work we put into it.

So welcome to Legion Fitness and the best health of your life. On this site you will find many workouts designed for a myriad of physiques, abilities, and goals. Over the next few weeks I will be posting about our programs eating plans, and going through the moves, recipes, and habits to help you build the body and life you want. I hope you will join us and commit to the change you want. I can show you the door to a new life but you must choose to walk through it on your own.

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