Don’t buy my book, in fact you probably shouldn’t read this either!

Seriously put the credit card down and step away from the wallet. I don’t want you to buy my video, or my books filled with proven exercise methods guaranteed to torch fat and sculpt that lean hard physique. You probably shouldn’t order my patented diet plan either now that I think about it, or my custom designed shirt and pants. You definitely shouldn’t register for my race where I test your fitness and endurance level with hours of obstacles I stole from military bases covered in paint and made my own. You shouldn’t buy any of the crap I’m selling because I didn’t invent any of it. Just as Tony Horton didn’t create the moves he used to push P90X to the top of the home workout sales charts, neither did CrossFit invent Olympic lifts, every program out there today uses moves, methods and routines that have been around for years. The only thing that’s changed is the order of the exercises and the music you do them to.


Why should you pay for recycled information? In case you weren’t aware of it that’s exactly what you’re forking out over a hundred bucks a month for; recycled information. More importantly why are so many Americans paying millions of dollars each year for free information? Anything you could possibly want to know about fitness, weight-loss, and exercise, is but a short Google search away. But we still line up to hand over our hard-earned money for new systems promising results and a sense of community. Whole communities have indeed popped up around many of the most popular workout methods, many cynics have even gone as far as to label them cults of fitness. Though I think that title is a little extreme I do admit that many of those I’ve spoken to that belong to Crossfit and other clubs tend to display a certain fanaticism about their workouts. Instead of working out to better enjoy life it seems some have dedicated their lives and revenue stream to working out itself.


As the popularity of these new extreme workout methods increases so does the price. Added to this the new sport of Obstacle Course Racing that feeds off the new fitness rage and you find yourself embroiled in a very expensive habit. I foresee the cost of this new trend soon eclipsing the reach of the average person it claims to target very soon if owners and promoters don’t do something to rein in the skyrocketing registration fees and dues.


This brings me back to my point; don’t by my video! I would think in an economic atmosphere like the one our nation currently finds itself in; the fitness industry would be suffering, but it’s not. In this time of belt-tightening and conservation measures, people are spending more on fitness than ever before. Maybe the unemployed have more time available to dedicate to working out now, or perhaps people are looking for ways to relieve stress, or maybe the rising costs of obesity and poor health are finally starting to get through to people. Whatever the reason; more Americans are taking to the gym, road, and weight pile than ever before. Those in the know stand in a position to make a fortune today. As a personal trainer my own career is taking off and the benefit to my income is both welcome and overdue. I work hard to help people, and I worked hard to gain the knowledge to train them. It’s about time it paid.


Regardless I don’t want you to buy my video. Everything I know is available to anyone dedicated enough to search out the information for themselves. Maybe that’s why people pay for these videos and books, they’re too lazy to look up things for themselves; you’re not lazy are you? Maybe they’re just helpless victims to the creative marketing ploys custom designed by advertising execs (who are usually advised by psychologist specializing in group emotion and mob behavior,) and are powerless to resist. I mean who wouldn’t want to own the most extreme newest workout method available. The one so tough you may not survive and if you do then you can buy a five dollar shirt with their logo on it for 59.99 to show everyone you know that you’re a beast and they’re wussies! Hell yeah, sign me up.


Wow they almost had me there too. I tell you what I’m going to do. Instead of buying my book, my awesome videos that show me in all my narcissistic glory working out and admiring my own greatness (I am rather great by the way!) I’m going to give it all away for free. Even better, I’m going to put it online in an eBook and on YouTube so you won’t even have to pay shipping and handling. Then I’m going to give it away. I care about people’s health and I can no more own the things I know then I can own the air I breathe so I’m going to share it with all my readers. Information is power and power belongs to the people and some other patriotic sounding stuff. Anyway I’m going to get to work on my new kickass, extreme, devastating, annihilating workout that will make you a fitness god in a ridiculously short amount of time! No seriously I am.


Scott is a certified ISSA fitness instructor, former US Marine and amateur adventure racer. For more information or access to his free workout programs, please contact him at

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  1. jameshorgan says:

    I’m so confused. I don’t understand marketing. 🙂

  2. Shanny says:

    People would rather throw money at an issue and merely desire an outcome rather than actually put in the work to achieve it. Desire + EFFORT = success. Not Desire + money = success. If the equation is desire + money with no effort, the only thing that is changing size is your pocketbook.

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