Genetics Did Not Make You Fat!

I swear on all that is holy and true in the fitness world; the next person that tells me they are overweight because of genetics or some thyroid condition is going to get smacked. The only thing worse than people actually believing this nonsense is that many companies and even doctors have used it to promote drugs, and sham diets for profit. There is no anatomical or biological shred of truth to this myth folks and I urge you to rid your brain of this outright lie now before it does any more damage.


There was a group of people not long ago in the twentieth century that promoted the idea of racial and genetic superiority; we called them the Nazis. The same line of thinking was also prevalent through much of America and still holds strong in some areas of the south where one group of people believes themselves genetically superior to another. While you may pause and argue that comparing genetic predisposition to obesity to genetic discrimination of minorities is not the same isn’t it really? Is not one group of people using a scientific sounding argument to explain a difference in physical characteristics?


If you are a biologist you know that gene expression has nothing to do with obesity, in fact you’d laugh at the very notion of it. But this is another case where people look for reasons to justify a condition that actually exists with pseudo-science. That condition is called lack of self-control, ignorance, and laziness.


Here’s a tidbit of information for you to digest. The thyroid gland cannot make you fat, in fact it fights tooth and nail to keep you from becoming obese; a dangerous condition of hormonal imbalance and metabolic inefficiency. However once you become fat that very fat hi-jacks the thyroid and rewrites its program. That fat itself actually starts influencing the production of hormones and renders the thyroid and pancreas powerless to stop it. It’s a condition that is self-sustaining, and without intense effort and dietary conditioning extremely hard to reverse. Your body is an incredible machine of adaptation and once it adapts to operating under obesity it resists new programming.


Likewise there are those who are more likely to hold onto body fat than others, their metabolisms burn slower than others. These people need to be vigilant and careful about what they eat, but the condition is present in most humans. It’s a survival trait. We all hold onto fat, storing it in our bodies as emergency food. We have done this since the days we were hunters and gatherers on the plains of central Africa. The issue is that when people are not physically active the fat is not burned for energy. The body keeps on storing it away; it assumes that you are doing something with it. Metabolism can be increased though with exercise and proper diet.


The last 100,000 years of time have not been nearly enough time for new genetic conditions to evolve. Though it seems that new diseases seem to pop up and new afflictions come out of nowhere, geneticists know the truth is these conditions were always written in our genetic code. They have been there waiting since time began to be expressed and uncovered. There is a catch though. While we may not be evolving as a species so to speak we are damaging our genes and chromosomes more than ever with our modern diets, chemicals, and environment. In essence what time has not accomplished in 100 millennia we are doing by accident with our own technology.


The truth that few doctors and advertisers will share with you is that we cause many of the conditions we attribute to genetics. We abuse our body’s everyday filling them with caustic chemicals and foods containing peptides and acids that can literally rewrite our cellular DNA. Most of the conditions that afflict humanity such as Diabetes and Obesity are diet related. Today we understand that our diet more than anything is responsible for these diseases. Diabetes can be cured! Many times the condition exists as an immune response to garbage cleverly disguised as food. We load our diet with sugars then wonder why our blood is swimming with insulin. We flood our bodies with carbs we don’t burn, fats we don’t need, and protein we have no use for then wonder why so many of us are obese.


There are many debilitating diseases that hide in our genetic code. They wait for the proper circumstances to emerge and cripple millions. Obesity isn’t one of them and using genetics as an excuse to justify a condition that could have been prevented is an insult to those who suffer from diseases such as Huntington’s, MS, and Cystic Fibrosis. We make ourselves fat, and too many times our parents begin the trend in our youths. Parents today should be ashamed of the garbage they feed to their kids in an attempt to pacify and placate them. Convenience is no excuse to start your child down a lifelong path of poor nutrition and health problems.


Genetics did not make you fat if that were true then you would never be able to lose weight! Shows like The Biggest Loser wouldn’t exist, and I’d have no job. If you are fat it’s because of your habits, diet, and poor understanding of your body. Don’t let quack doctors and advertisers tell you that you’re powerless to stop it, that you’re a helpless victim. You’re neither and in you is the power to turn it around but until you stop accepting excuses and nonsense you cannot start.

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