Life Above the Murky Water

I have a hard time relating to a lot of people these days, which coming from a psychologist really says something. It’s not that I don’t empathize with them or understand what people are going through. I’m actually in a similar situation myself as far as the economy and income go; it’s just that I refuse to wallow in it. Times are tough for sure but they will never get better unless we take it upon ourselves to fix them.

Just the other day an acquaintance of mine made a comment about the world being unfair and cruel. I responded that maybe people were just unprepared for it these days mentally and so it seemed crueller then it really is. This initiated a lengthy discussion which I walked away from as soon as it became apparent that this person was only looking for sympathy and an audience for his whining.

At one point in the conversation he told me “I’m not trying to change anything, just make people aware.” This one line pretty much sums up the biggest issue facing our world today. People think that talking about something, and making us all more aware is activism and social responsibility. All this talk isn’t accomplishing anything though and it never will. The only time anything in history has ever changed is when people stopped talking and started doing.

Changing the world is a daunting task, even for superpowers and presidents. Changing our lives though isn’t difficult at all. In fact it’s easy and simple, but still many people will never do it. They’ll never do anything. They’ll go about the same old daily routines, trudging along like zombies. They’ll talk about the things they want, places they want to go, things they want to do, but never do anything to make it happen. At the end of the day they’ll shake their fist at the sky in anger blaming the world, God, and the universe for holding them back and keeping better things from them.

Speaking of doing things over and over again without different results, I’m done trying to get through to people. The simple fact is most of you aren’t listening. Sure some people read this blog, some even book mark it but they’re not really listening. People tell me all the time that a thing can’t be done, then I do it, or show them someone who has. They tell me it’s too hard and I show them someone less able than them has done it.

I have decided that most people just aren’t worth saving. They have so little character and heart that the world will be better off without them participating. They offer nothing to the species in general and in fact only take from it. They’re parasites, feeding off the rest of us. They drag us all down with their negativity, complaining, and laziness. These people would say that I’m judging them, looking down my nose at those less fortunate. I say I’m calling it like it is. I’m seeing the world through reality, they’re in denial. I wash my hands of them.

If you’re not one of the people I just mentioned then you should not be offended by what I just said. Quite the opposite; you should be inspired to action in your own life. Look around achievers and people of character. It’s time to clean house and get rid of the parasites in your life. Friendship is a two-way relationship and if so-called friends don’t offer anything to your life, support you, or add to the quality of it, then they’re not friends and they need to go. You cannot change people, and you cannot help those that don’t want to change. Walk Away.

I work in the fitness industry. It is my business to help people make change in their own lives, but I don’t do it for them. I can’t do it for them. A thing given freely without effort or work is never appreciated. Those who work for months and years to achieve the goals they want in fitness and life appreciate them; they never forget the struggle of it. The grit and determination stay with them forever; constantly inspiring and driving them forward.

Too many people want the world to be handed to them. Like my friend in the beginning of this article, they have grown up never having had to work for what they want or to suffer through adversity. They’ve never overcome disaster, so every setback is calamity and each obstacle doom. People like this are not hard to spot; they’re the ones always complaining and quoting the news. They’re the ones also warning you about the dangers of hurting yourself and how you might get injured in your exercises and outdoor adventures. They’re the ones trapped in a life filled with constant fear, of everything.

You may have noticed that this article has taken on a prominent air of Us vs. Them. That’s exactly what it is. If the people in your life aren’t for you then they’re against you and you need to realize this soon. You owe it to yourself and no one else to achieve the things you want. I am not a religious man in any way and rarely quote from the Bible, but for this article and in this situation there is one quote that serves purpose, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Leave the losers to the other losers and get on with your life. If people cannot be inspired by witnessing your success and gains then chances are nothing you say to them will matter much either so don’t waste you breath. I know I’m tired of wasting mine.

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