Why Go Vegan?

Let me ask you another question; why not? Will going Vegan kill you, no? Will it lessen the quality of your life, only if you let it and attach unhealthy emotions to food? Will going vegan keep you from getting all the vitamins, nutrients and protein your body needs to function? Again the answer is no, in fact a common sense vegan diet will actually provide more of the things your body needs to grow than most diets. Will going Vegan make you uncool? Well in certain circles it will and in others it may just elevate your status either way if you’re afraid of standing apart from the crowd you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog in the first place.

Many of the perceptions we accept about vegetarians and vegans are propagated by people who honestly have no idea what they’re talking about, and industries which stand to lose millions of dollars if people suddenly realized just how much harmful garbage is floating around in the animal products they’re ingesting. Just as the media takes a concept like paleo-eating and blows it out of proportion; focusing on the extremists of that system. The same could be said about veganism. The image of the skinny malnourished hippie we’ve come to associate with vegetarians and vegans just isn’t accurate. The leaders in endurance and ultramarathon racing today are vegan, as are many triathletes and obstacle racers. These extreme athletes have no problems fueling their performance and growth and more than a few have noticed exceptional gains after dropping meat from their diets.

Most of us are already eating vegan every day, we just add meat here and there for flavor and because frankly it’s what we’ve always done. While there are good arguments for why we eat meat and how it has played a pivotal role in the evolution of our species, the fact remains that human beings are not carnivores and while we can eat meat we were not designed to. One need only look at the structure of our teeth, jaw, and intestinal tract to see its function. Any student of biology and anatomy will recognize that humans were designed to process plant matter as our primary food source.

Yes during ice ages when the world was covered in frozen water a mile thick humans ate mostly meat. However realize that it was a necessity and that the meat we ate also came from wild animals that grazed on natural foliage, not the stock yard, corn-fed engineered animals of today. Meat today is so empty of common essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that westerners have to take a veritable rainbow of pills, and supplements to get what we need. Our meat no longer contains these things because our food doesn’t come from grazing animals. When the planet thawed we developed agriculture. Those that relied on meat diets fell to the wayside; the Neanderthal caveman is no more for a reason!

I’m not trying to convince anyone to be vegan. I know it’s not for everyone. I like meat, I like it a lot, the flavor, the texture, the smell; all of it. But I’m tired of the effects meat and dairy have on my body. I’m tired of wondering why I feel certain ways after eating meat or dairy. I’m tired of doctors and companies telling me I need to do something that is just biologically unsound or even insane. I’m tired of being told something that is pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, acids, and harmful proteins is good for me then needing to go get a prescription to counteract the effects of the food they told me to eat! Have you ever wondered what food that is filled with estrogen and other female growth hormones does to people? Surely I’m not the only one that’s noticed young women today are hitting puberty before their teens? Do you really think that happened all on its own? Or why is it that your body stops manufacturing the acid needed to digest milk at a certain age? The same acid the dairy industry must add to its products just to keep you from vomiting every time you consume it.

I’m going to go Vegan for 30 days. If I notice a benefit and real change to my health and the way I feel then I’ll go from there. If not then I think I’ll still be making some changes to my diet anyway. Dairy is out for sure and beef as well. When the most prevalent protein found in dairy is also listed by the FDA as the number one carcinogen in the world it can’t be good for you. I love meat and it has been a part of my life since I grew teeth, But I recognize today that most of what I know about it just isn’t correct or accurate. I’ve allowed popular thinking to influence my understanding of my own biology even when I technically knew better. That stops now. Ignorance is no excuse and before I adopt or condemn it I will try veganism and weigh the results. We owe it to ourselves to learn the facts about how our bodies actually work. Your health is not worth taking someone’s word for. Do the leg work and find the real results for yourself.

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