You are Free!

A big part of the reason I work out is to be free. Movement is freedom and those who can move are free to go wherever they please. Good health is also freedom from fear; of disease and weakness. It’s freedom from worry about injury. It’s freedom to enjoy life actively and physically. I can go out into the forest, the desert, the snowy mountain, the deep canyon, and touch nature with my own two hands. There is more to freedom than this though and too many of us in America today are forgetting that. You are free my friends and not in some metaphorical sense but literally. You are free in ways many people across the world are not. You can be whatever you choose, go wherever you want. This is not to say that there is not a price to be paid for freedom. Indeed the strength behind true freedom is that it requires responsibility and courage.

To be truly free we must take responsibility for our own lives. Freedom does not blame others for our mistakes or expect others to solve our problems. As free people we recognize with clear eyes bathed in realism that just as we are ultimately at fault for the condition of our lives we are also just as capable of changing it. We are the masters of our own fate. We decide, and whether we succeed or fail in the end we determined the outcome. It is comforting to say you did your best or it was beyond your ability but this is just the attitude quitters use to justify fear and laziness. Those who accomplish what they want in life approach their goals with a passion that borders on zealotry. They do not quit until they have what they want in hand. For some it takes years of failure and setbacks met with determined resolve. These dedicated souls have mastered the art of getting back on their feet time and time again.

You are free. The choice is before you today to live as a man who serves himself or to carry on as a slave to others. While this may sound melodramatic it is no less than the truth. Too many of us will spend our entire lives laboring under a false premise; tied to expectations of a society and tradition that profits from or labor, while rewarding little. Stop filling your thoughts and considerations with what “they” say you should do and start thinking about what you want to do. Who are “they” anyway to tell you what is best for your own life? What do “they” know about your hopes and dreams? Why should “they” decide what is right for you.

“They” say that putting yourself first is selfish and greedy. How will you ever help anyone when you’re struggling everyday just to survive? How can you better mankind when you never develop your full potential? A society of broke backed minions, heads bowed in ignorance doesn’t raise up mankind and advance it, it shames it. We should be ashamed at the creatures we’ve become; weak, timid, filled with regret and longing for more and ashamed we want it.

Don’t be ashamed to be unsatisfied; be grateful! Be thankful that you’re mind is bigger than the small world around you and use that desire for more to propel you forward. You are free; so start acting like it. Stop being weak and learn to stand up straight and tall again. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything and you have fallen for enough already my friend. You have been lied to, manipulated, and used for far too long. It’s time to draw a line in the sand once and for all. It is your life so take it back, take control and evict those people who suck the life from your dreams and doubt your resolve. Dispose of those who pull you down like the garbage they are. Time is short and the time for half-hearted measures is over. You must look at the world around you with real eyes and see people for what they are, allies that can help you or obstacles that must be removed or overcome.

You are free. The choices ahead of you may not always be easy but it doesn’t matter. If you fail then you will deal with it, and move on. It’s not the end of the world only an opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen your resolve. Stop putting so much emotion towards the outcome of your life and start seeing it for what it is, just another step along the journey. Appreciate what you have but never stop searching for more. Be free to adapt to change as circumstance need. Be free; to try new things, to experience new ways of life. Be free so when things fall apart it does not shatter you along with it. Be free so that you can never be enslaved again. Be free because it’s the responsible thing to do. Your children and future generations will live their lives based on the model you set for them with your own life. How do you want your children to live, bitter, resentful, struggling to survive as we are today? Wouldn’t you rather fill them with a sense of self-reliance, courage, and strength that can overcome any obstacle? Wouldn’t you rather have them live life with eager open eyes searching for all that is great and good? Or should they fall in line with the rest of the sheep settling for the scraps of those above them? It is your decision because you are free.

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