How much time do you have? Realistically speaking it’s not much. Though we like to deny it and pretend otherwise human beings are not immortal. Our time on this earth is fleeting and our lives short. In the whole scheme of things we are here and gone in the blink of an eye. Why do we waste so much time than? Why do so many of us act like we’re going to live forever; spending huge portions of our lives in procrastination and waiting. Time is the most precious commodity we posses, yet too often we fritter it away as if it were an endless resource. Let me tell you something you know, but probably refuse to accept: You are going to die and sooner than you think. Time flies and the older we get the closer we are to the end. You don’t have time to waste and the conditions and reasons you’re waiting on to change will never come unless you do something about it. Stop wasting time, get off your butt and start living your life today or you may never have the time.

You can do a lot in a day, wars have been won in a day and fortunes lost. People have fallen in love in a day, set world records, made friendships that last a lifetime, and changed people’s lives. Time is the one thing that cannot be replaced; you cannot buy it back when it’s gone so why waste what you have. If you’re not doing something constructive and meaningful with your time than you’re wasting a gift and an opportunity. If you’re my age then you’ve probably started the time honored ritual of watching the family members that raised you, pass away. Usually it starts with your grandparents, then great aunts and uncles, then your own parents and even siblings. I’ve said goodbye to parents, grandparents and uncles. I’ve buried friends and comforted their widows and the one thing I feel at every funeral is the overwhelming sense of time. Time is so precious and when it’s gone then everything that could have been accomplished in it is gone forever too. The people I have lost will never have the opportunities to do the things I still can. They would give anything to see one more sunrise to receive one more hug, one more kiss, and to see their grandchildren’s smiles again.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty or even ungrateful but if you do, then it’s probably because there are things in life that you want to do but aren’t. Maybe you’re afraid, or uncomfortable with change. Maybe it’s because you’re waiting for more money, a better economy, or more time. I have news for you there will never be a better time than now. If you want to do something then now is the time to do it; not tomorrow, not next week, you may be dead tomorrow. It’s a morbid though but true. We live in crazy times; people drive like maniacs and give no thought to how they might kill someone in their carelessness. Accidents take lives every day for no rhyme or reason. Gunmen walk into offices and slaughter dozens because someone years ago you never knew and had no relationship to, pissed them off and you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are a thousand ways to die each and every day and the fact that you don’t is the miracle.

I’m not encouraging living in fear, and I certainly don’t promote paranoia, only recognition. You must start living your life recognizing that it is fleeting and the time you have is precious. The moments that will stick with you in the years to come are the experiences that took your breath away. Stop living to fill your life with crap you don’t need. You certainly can’t take it with you so why bother accumulating it in the first place? Start living your life, really living it. Don’t confuse this with thrill seeking and needless risk. You don’t need an adrenaline spike to be alive but you certainly can’t do it serving as a wage slave chained to a desk for the next 40 years. That’s not living, that’s going through the motions so other people can live from your energy and sacrifices. Stop giving away your time for others dreams and luxury and start living for your own.

Society and the system the wealthy and powerful have built want you to believe that how you live today is responsible and grown-up. But it’s not. Be responsible to yourself. They want you chained to that desk all your life, back bent under the load too busy trying to survive to ask questions. They want to keep you in the dark, ignorant and poor. They thrive on it, their lives depend on it. They are parasites sucking the blood and life from you until in the end the only thing left is a wasted old person filled with regrets and empty dreams of what could have been. Too many people will spend their lives never having done all those things they dreamed of as young people. They will never see those wondrous sites they read about in a magazine. There are enough resources and wealth in this world for every one of us to live the lives we so desperately want. The only thing sadder then the fact that most of the wealth and luxury of this world is in the hands of a privileged few is the fact that the rest of us give it to them; without complaint or objection. We are slaves because we are afraid to be free. We are running out of time having none left to do the things we dream of because we give it away. It’s time to be free.

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