Who Trains You?

I am a health professional among other things this means I have a tremendous responsibility to my clients. I owe it to them to give my full and undivided attention during our routines even if this means I must do my own workout at another time. The time they pay me to train them belongs to them not me. This time should be built around helping them achieve their results. Too many so-called trainers out there are teaching classes and taking on clients for the sake of a free workout it seems. With the exception of a few dance style routines a trainer should never be working out while teaching you except to instruct the student in proper form and technique. Again even this requires but a move or two not thirty minutes. How can anyone effectively watch what you’re doing while concentrating on their own workout? It’s a recipe for injury and disappointment.

Does your trainer watch your form and movements while you exercise? Do they coach you through the movements helping you focus on breathing, pausing, squeezing, and proper movement? If not it may be time for you to find another coach. Your trainer should be excited about your goals and supportive of them. Your workout should reflect this with a custom tailored regimen that takes advantage of your physiology and ability to meet those goals. Your trainer should push you and refuse to listen to your excuses. They must be firm enough to keep you on track but wise enough to know when a little motivation and inspiration is needed.

What does your trainer know? Where did they learn their trade? There are many different methods and routines on the market today; which does your trainer subscribe to and preach? Is your trainer certified, or are they just experienced. While certification is always preferable an experienced trainer with anatomical knowledge and nutritional wisdom can deliver identical results. Does your trainer come from the military or a private background both have their advantages depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Finally does your trainer look the part, do they exemplify the life they teach? Have they been where you are and gone where you want to go? This is very important in the weight-loss field. A trainer who has themselves experienced the ups and downs of weight loss and triumphed has a unique psychological perspective and insight that will be invaluable to others seeking to do the same.

Maybe the most important aspect of choosing your trainer is what kind of person are they? Why do they train? What drives them to a healthy lifestyle? You are trying to change your life and instill healthy habits to last a lifetime, it’s kind of important that the person showing you the way is as passionate about it and as committed as you. What is their personality like? Are they decent, caring, and helpful; or sadistic, arrogant, jerks looking to show off? I know from personal experience that it is easy as a trainer and former Marine to forget that not everyone can do what I can and I have to inject a little humility into myself. I’m here to help people, not break them. Your trainer needs to be positive more than anything else. He or she needs to have the ability to help you see the end result and focus on the big picture. Fitness is a journey that lasts a lifetime not a weekend vacation. Your guide should be in it for the long haul as well.

The fitness world is exploding under the backlash towards obesity and rising health costs. It seems everyone and their brother is promising answers and guaranteed methods for weight-loss and health. Buyers beware! You are responsible for your life and health and must take the choice of choosing someone to guide you very seriously. Meet with several different prospects, take some time to get to know them, and discuss your long-term goals and hopes with them. Choose a trainer who is not daunted by the challenge and is willing to work with you not just work you out. Choose someone who displays the characteristics you hope to achieve yourself. If they teach a class, ask to watch before joining. Do they participate or teach? Are they watchful and aware of their student’s movements or oblivious? You need a guide not a taskmaster, a mentor, not just a drill instructor. Your health literally depends on it!

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  1. wartica says:

    I totally agree: when I used to go to the gym, I went through like five or six different trainers. I was never satisfied, until I came across the sixth one. He not only knew everything about weight-training, but he also knew quite a bit about nutrition as well. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. jameshorgan says:

    I am “Jacks” Seething Jealousy.

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