Beginner’s Workout

The Legion warrior Circuit can be a little intimidating to beginners. It requires a few complex moves that rely on previously established strength and skill. For those of you who are just starting your fitness adventure I have built a beginner’s workout designed to build muscular strength and aerobic fitness. This workout was designed with the help of several clients that are working to lose weight and get back into shape.

The beauty of this routine is that it is infinitely customizable and requires no weights. I do recommend that if you are new to fitness that you purchase a single Olympic style barbell or padded weight stick. Additionally one set of dumbbells, around 10-15lbs would be a great investment. And help improve your results as your strength increases.

To begin, as with all my workouts I recommend that you spend 10-30 minutes walking, jogging, or running. This will loosen up your joints and muscles and prepare them for the work to come. Depending on your fitness goals you may perform this routine on the same day as your cardio or every other day.

We will begin by doing a short core routine. Be sure to do this before first to maximize strength gains in this area.

1. Planks- Do three sets for time. Hold the position for 15 to 60 seconds depending on your ability. Rest a minute then repeat a total of three times.

2. V-ups or Reverse Crunches- Focus on slow controlled movement pausing at the up position before returning to the ground. Do 3 sets of ten reps resting one minute between sets.

3. Mountain Climbers- Do three sets of these for 30 seconds each. Squeeze your abs as you bring your knee towards your elbow, keep your back straight and locked.

I cannot stress enough that you remember to breathe during these exercises! Pause for two minutes after each exercise before transitioning to the next movement.

The Workout consists of five basic movements for 100 reps each. You may do all the reps of each exercise at once, or in sets before moving on to the next exercise. I would break this up into a circuit, repeating each round until you have completed 100 reps of each exercise. Likewise you may alter the total number of reps for each movement depending on your fitness and strength. I suggest no lower than 30 reps, and aim for a total of no less then 5 rounds if you are doing a circuit for example do six reps of each move for five rounds to get a total of 30 reps per movement. Finally do not rest between exercises if you do them as a circuit, rest only after you have completed all five moves of the round. You may have to play around with the number of reps and weight in order o insure you can finish without having to stop and catch your breath during the round.

The Moves:

1. Push-Up
2. Squat
3. Pull-up or Row
4. Deadlifts or straight leg toe touch
5. Shoulder Press

These five moves will work all of your body’s major muscle groups and are designed to alternate from Upper Body to Lower body, front to back. Push-ups, squats and Pull-ups are bodyweight exercises. Shoulder presses can be done without weights in an exercise known as “Jack Webbs.” You simply pretend to hold dumbbells and extend your arms up over your head and back down. Be sure to squeeze your shoulders at the top of the move and I promise you what seems like a simple move will soon have your arms and shoulders exhausted.

The same can be done with the rows. If you can’t do pull-ups find a row machine, dumbbells, or bar. If you don’t have access to equipment, then assume a bent over position and row your arms up and back pretending to hold to dumbbells. Squeeze your back and shoulders blades together at the top of the move and hold for a second before releasing then repeat.


Likewise the Deadlift can be done with no weight, simply assume the position. Crouch down like you were going to lift a bar, brace your abs, and hips, squeeze your glutes then come to a standing position. Add weights when you are able and go from there. Or substitue the move for a stiff legged toe touch!

Finally if you cannot do push-ups don’t worry. Stand up straight, extend your arms straight out in front of you palms facing out like you were pushing of a wall. Bring them in then push back out with force. Mentally focus on your chest and tri-ceps as you do this ,squeezing the muscles and hold for one second before releasing. Once you can do this 100 times transition to push off an actual wall, then to incline pushups off a chair or bench, then down to the floor.

If you have questions or seek help in your own workout feel free to contact us at or here on the blog. We are here to help you achieve the fitness goals you desire.

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