Resolutions, Empty Promises and Other Excuses

What will you do in 2012? A lot of us will be toasting to good health and making resolutions to weight loss and fitness in the New Year. Not me though, not this year; I made my choices a long time ago and I’ve been living everyday to keep them. It’s a good idea I guess, using the New Year as a platform for toasts and challenges. Unfortunately like many of the mistakes made at drunken parties and gatherings the promises and pledges to a fitter trimmer person will soon fade; almost as quickly as the hangover that came with them. Don’t be one of those people. You know who I’m talking about; that person friend or relative that’s always talking about how they need to lose weight, how they need to get back on track. What they really need is to shut up and stop talking. Results speak for themselves; resolutions and promises get tossed out with the trash by February.

Now wait a second before you get offended and hear me out. I respect any person committed to change. Let’s be honest though few people have it in them to really take charge of their life and make something happen. It’s all too easy to get hyped about getting in shape. It’s even easier to look at yourself in the mirror and recognize when things have gotten out of hand. Sadly though, this is the moment for most people when the excuses get out of hand too. If I only had the time, or the money, or the equipment, then I’d work on getting rid of this gut. If eating healthy wasn’t so expensive I’d change my diet. If only it wasn’t so cold outside I’d go for a run. If the gym dues were cheaper I’d join. The list goes on and on and most of us have heard them all a few times probably coming from our own mouths to be honest. Since we’re being honest let’s ask another question, instead of what will you do in 2012, how about we ask ourselves something better; when is the bull-shit going to stop? When are the excuses going to end? When are we going to be adults and take control of our lives?

You may never have stopped to think about it, but getting in shape has less to do with physical health than it does mental health, and self-control. It’s a proven fact that the healthier you are the sharper your wits are and the faster your brain works. Fit people tend to be more decisive and comfortable making decisions. They have overcome their fear and seek out new challenges instead of hiding from adversity. Healthier people are also less prone to suicide and depression. They are also perceived as more attractive and desirable to the opposite sex. If you think this comes from a shallow concept of physical beauty then again, you’re not looking deep enough at the real issue. A person who respects their own health and fitness respects themselves. We all want to be treated with respect but how can you ask that from someone who has none for their own body or mind? A woman looks at an overweight man and her subconscious wonders; how will he take care of me let alone our kids when he can’t even look after himself. It takes drive and commitment to achieve a certain level of health. It’s not easy or quick and those of us that are chasing that goal know it all too well. When I see a fit person in the gym, sweating and grunting through their routine I see a dedicated individual. I see a person that can be relied upon. I see results speaking for them self not empty boasting and hollow promises.

As in anything thoughts and opinions are subjective and vary from person to person. My observations and feelings may not be your own and there are exceptions to every rule so I will leave you with this thought. What do you respect more, someone’s promise to you, or a contract in writing? What do you respect more someone who says they will win a race or the man who just did? Who’s advice do you want to follow the person talking about all the weight their going to lose or the person in the gym quietly going about their business wearing a body carved from rock? The answers may seem obvious and they are, so why do we make promises and resolutions that hold no weight? Why do we talk about things we have no knowledge of? This year if you’re going to make a change, how about making a real commitment to it; don’t just talk about it, or boast. Write it down and make a contract with yourself or better yet someone else. Register for a race, or event a few months out. No more resolutions, no more promises. From here on out make a decision to accept only results from yourself and those around you. Better yet don’t wait for a holiday about excesses and cutting loose, many of us have been doing that for years. It’s time to jerk back on those reins and steer this show towards a better life. Get out a pen and paper and make that contract today and do something today to make it happen. Too much time is lost waiting for change. Do it now!

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