Get Jacked Challenge 2012

If you read our new page yesterday then you know that the New Year is going to be a busy one at Jack. Today we start the “Get Jacked Challenge.” This competition runs for the next 365 days and is open to anyone wishing to enter. The rules are simple; 2012 must be the year you change your life and push beyond your limits and fear. This coming year is an opportunity not only for greatness but growth and adventure. Here at Jack we have challenged ourselves to complete the Spartan Race trifecta, a Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast along with completing all 4 Spartan Beasts held in the United States. In addition Jack has promised to sign up 1000 people to obstacle and adventure races across the country in our drive to make America healthy.

What will your goal be? Going to climb a mountain, complete a marathon, or shed those unwanted pounds and get in shape? Let us know; Jack wants to hear from all of you about what you will do in 2012 to “GET JACKED.” Stop giving in to excuses and do something this year to change your life. It’s time to stop procrastinating and dreaming and start doing. So many of us have already wasted years on failed plans and unsatisfying lives, let’s turn things around and start living the lives we wanted growing up. Let’s rediscover those dreams and the hope we once held. Get off the couch lace up those shoes and get back out there, the world is waiting and glory calls.

Since it’s the season for giving, give the gift of health and strength, this holiday. Invite a friend to join you on your adventure in 2012. Call up a family member or challenge your office buddies to Get Jacked in 2012. Jack is tired of being laughed at by the rest of the world. They think Americans are fat and lazy, they think we lack ambition and dedication. Let’s wipe that smirk off their faces this year and show them that America belongs to the brave, the driven, and the strong. Get out there and spread the word that this coming year belongs to Jack, and Get Some!!

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