Victory Belongs to Us

It’s another day in the hunt for Spartan Glory and this morning’s workout has left me among the ranks of the walking dead and I couldn’t be happier. As a former US Marine and fitness junkie I thought I was in pretty good shape. Maybe I was but undertaking this challenge has shown me that I have longer to go and more to give in my quest for an extraordinary life. From the first day the workouts that I have received in my daily email from have been intimidating to say the least, so much so that for three weeks I ignored them and went my own way.

Call it stubbornness or ignorance but my refusal to heed the advice and tips of the people who do this every day was simply stupid. I thought I knew better and was competent enough in training skills to build my own program. I was wrong, there I said it. My workouts up until recently were effective and I was losing weight and looking cut but not building practical usable strength and certainly not endurance. I have big plans for the next two years and if I have any shot at success I have to step it up. This past week I’ve done that. Though it’s been painful and the workouts brutal it’s been great. I feel alive and even at the end of my routines when I’m sweating and breathless, legs shaking and arms useless I feel strong.

It would be great if there were more money involved in Spartan Racing. I’d love to be a professional obstacle runner making a living by doing something I enjoy. Maybe one day soon that will be possible, for now though I’ll keep training and writing and trying to help get more people off their couch and on their feet. I have long believed that it’s time for people to wake up and stop passing through life, like zombies. Beyond the health problems that inactivity and obesity cause the psychological impact is just as devastating and so many of those I know and love suffer for their lack of willpower. They look at me and scoff and believe that it’s impossible, even though they know my own story and past troubles with being overweight. I hope to inspire them with my own triumphs but for now I strive to inspire myself. Some people just don’t want to change. For all their complaining and groaning they actually enjoy their life and would choose to keep it if the alternative meant effort and work.

To my brothers and sisters out there beating up the roads at five in the morning and sweating out the weights I salute you all. This time belongs to you, the future is yours to claim and life yours to control. We inspire each other and I thank you for your support, kind words, and knowing smiles. I’ll see you on the course soon and we will bask in the mud caked thrill of victory. There is something great that comes at the end of a workout, a race, or hike. Standing there looking back at how far you have come you feel powerful, and invincible. You feel like you could accomplish anything, because you can.

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