It Makes No Sense

Alright you got me; I am one of those people. I am one of those dreamers, the idealist wanting to change the world. I am guilty of believing in the human race and seeing its potential despite its many flaws. I am one of those loopy liberals who look around at the deteriorating economy and government and thinks that good things are still possible for our future. While it makes for good fiction and movies I don’t believe in a global apocalypse spawned by class-war and dwindling resources. Don’t get me wrong I acknowledge things are bad. The environment is getting beat up and some companies are making billions in the process. That’s not the final act in this play called life though. I believe that as a species man will come together and get its collective head out of its ass and start working towards some sustainable technologies if for no other reason than self-preservation.

Human beings are unfailingly selfish, and we will do what we can to guarantee our existence on this planet. In the natural way of things, someone somewhere if they haven’t already will develop a way to make saving the planet profitable. Once there is money to be made by cleaning up the environment than governments and corporations will exploit it with as much vigor as they showed in destroying the planet. This globe and its affairs are profit driven in some way or another. There’s no exception to this rule except in the imaginations of the naïve that is. Some people who gladly call themselves conservative would like to see humanity as a whole return to certain ways of life, that while noble are inherently stagnant and out of touch. In America many of the politicians who cry out for a return to morality and decency do it from a pulpit built on lies, deceit, and the marginalization of whole groups of people based on profit margins. They’re message is as empty as the memories of the 1950’s they grew up in. That time is gone friends you must change with the times or be cast aside with the other relics of a forgotten age.

This is not to say that liberals in general don’t lie and manipulate messages to promote their causes. In fact you might say that the one constant in American politics and values is lying. Each side and party has made its claims that were proven false and each side continues making its statements and views known often times at complete odds with anything resembling common sense. That seems to be the way it works in America though. Common sense is often ignored if found to be contrary to the fantasy of life in The United States. Our government operates on a budget that makes no sense, and would bankrupt most businesses. It lends money to institutions that have proven they cannot wisely manage it, making even less sense. Finally in a nation of 300 million citizens, a scant one percent is running the whole nation into the ground at the expense of the others and they do nothing beyond complaining and the occasional protest. This just makes no sense.

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