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I’ve read that if you want to make your mark as a writer that you need to give people something they want or need. It’s often been noted that many of the most successful authors of non-fiction found a way to repackage some basic truth of life and present it to readers in a new light. In times of trouble and uncertainty people want hope. They want to be inspired and shown a better way. It seems that today people want truth, and explanations. As far as the government is concerned the people of the United States are craving a little transparency and practicality. Many of us want a way to climb out of our debt and growing poverty. Some of us just want a little piece of mind and to be left alone. Then there are those closest to my own heart; those just wanting a little bit of happiness. I wish that I had the solutions to these things people want. I wish I could give them away especially to myself. The truth is though that I feel as lost as most of the people I talk to.

I wish I had a sure-fire guaranteed miracle method to escape the unemployment and desperation of this economy. I’m sure that if I tried hard enough I could throw something together and market it online in a fifty page eBook and probably do pretty well for myself. I don’t think it would be right though, or fair. At the other side of this little adventure when I’ve made my success and turned things around I plan to write a story about it and pitch it to a publisher. In the meantime though I think I better focus on getting out of this mess.
I know things are bad out there folks. I know from firsthand experience. I was laid off back in September and put out into a job market that remains non-existent. My boss ran a family owned auto-body business. I was initially hired on to help relieve some of the back up from the spring storms and hail damage. Unfortunately for me I guess, I was a little too good at my job and the line of cars waiting for repair quickly vanished. Business dropped off and to cut costs he had to let someone go and it was not going to be his son. I’m not angry with him; I know that running a business means making hard choices.

I think it’s difficult for many people to truly grasp the situation, looking at it from the outside. If you have a job and haven’t had to look for one in the past few years than you really have no idea what’s going on in the market. Sure you read about it and probably know someone that’s unemployed. As I like to point out though, observing something is far from living it or understanding it. I love to hear my friends and family members talk about the people they see on TV, and remark how “they should just get a job!” I also love to hear the government tell us how things are getting better when the reality is that for many Americans; it’s only getting worse.

So what are we going to do?

In my posts, I often advocate going into business for yourself. If you are currently unemployed and having a difficult time finding work then it may be your only option. Take this time while you’re sitting around glued to the internet to do something besides grow a beard and add some bitterness to your thinking.

Right now would also be a great time to get in shape. Let’s be honest if you’re not working than you can’t say you don’t have the time. Start a daily workout regimen. Use the time to build a better you. The boost in morale could make the difference. It’s no secret that people who exercise daily have better mental acuity, quality of sleep, and self-image.
Speaking about morale and self-image; stop reading about the economy and watching the news, it’s depressing and ultimately a waste of time. Read something inspiring and uplifting. Get out of the house if you can, even if it’s just to take a walk around the block. There’s a word to describe people confined in an enclosed space doing the same thing day after day without change; inmates. Depression and anger can turn your life into a prison. Break free, and get loose for a while.

There’s one more thing you can do to help claw your way out of the current ordeal; Start cutting out pictures of where you want to be next year. Tape them up everywhere you eyes will land during the day. Change your computer’s wallpaper to something you earnestly want. It sounds hokey and straight from the pages of The Secret, and it’s because it is. Long before that book ever landed many of the most successful people in history advocated the use of visualization and concentration to achieve their goals.
Let’s be honest with ourselves. Simply thinking about something is not going to make it magically appear but the more you think about it the more ideas you will discover on how to get it. I use pictures of Seattle to remind me that I have a goal and a target to work towards. I also use them as a reminder that where I am now is just temporary and will soon change. Patience is just as vital to success as drive and determination.

Don’t give up. Spending my days in a cell years ago, it looked bleak and hopeless. I knew though that one day it would end and I’d go free. I knew life would move on and I’d overcome my stupidity. Just as I knew in the Marines that even though it was hard and seemed impossible that eventually the worst would be over and I’d survive and go on to the next obstacle. Some of us are unemployed now because we trusted others with our means to income. Some did this to themselves and some are the victims of mismanagement and greed. Regardless here we all are in this situation we don’t like, struggling to find a way out.

Understand that right now, how you got here doesn’t matter and it’s no longer relevant. Accept that you are here and embrace it. Now you have an opportunity to make changes in your life that many don’t. It would be easy to feel cursed, but you’re not. “It’s only when we’ve lost everything that we are free to accomplish anything.”

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