Put Up or Shut Up

November is a month of holidays, among them Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, All Saints day, and my personal favorite November 5th. While not an actual holiday it will be the anniversary of the Gunpowder plot in merry old England. If you are unfamiliar with this historical event I suggest you watch the movie V for Vendetta. In short a man named Guy Fox decided that it was time for the corruption of parliament to end and hatched a plot to blow it up from beneath. He was unfortunately stopped and parliament saved but it is a compelling story nonetheless.


Here at Jack we have decided to make this November, put up or shut up month. It’s time to take all those ideas we’ve been discussing the past couple of weeks and put them into action. No more planning/procrastinating or thinking, it’s time to do and create. This month it falls on you to make your dreams reality and move towards the freedom and independence we all say we want. This is not a competition but a chance to excel and show just what we are capable of.

While each of us has our own goals I thought it would be good to explain my own and use them as an example of what I mean. I have decided to enter into one of the many upcoming Spartan Races in 2012. I will have roughly five months to prepare myself physically and mentally for a grueling ten-mile marathon complete with obstacles and challenges along the course of the race. If you are interested in testing yourself and crave something truly challenging I suggest you go online to Spartanrace.com and have a look around.

This month I will start preparing by beginning an exercise routine named aptly enough, The Spartacus Workout. This routine developed by MensHealth magazine was used by the stars of the first season of Spartacus to train them for the filming and exhausting shooting schedule. I have previously used this routine and found it to be a workout that shreds and tones quickly. I have rarely been exhausted after 45 minutes of exercise, but this one whips me every time. I will combine this with my normal weight routine to help build up my stamina and strength.
Additionally I have decided to give up drinking for the next few months. It’s time to detox my body and get rid of some pollutants. Anyone that knows me knows I love a pint of Guinness on the weekends, and this isn’t about quitting alcohol, but cutting out a source of excessive and empty calories. I detest light beer as a flavorless waste of grain and only drink full-bodied beers. Unfortunately at 200 calories a beer, even a six-pack is a caloric bomb. Along with beer, the sugars have got to go. Halloween is my favorite holiday by far but also the most tempting to my ravenous sweet tooth. Normally I avoid added and processed sugars at all cost and my waistline has benefitted greatly from it, so it’s time to continue that trend.
Beyond the physical training I’m starting this month I have also pledged myself to launching my online business in November. I have already found clients to write for and will also continue to build and expand the Jack name as I move towards my goals of developing an online men’s magazine and guide. The goal of all this is to become location independent in 2012 and re-locate to somewhere I have been dreaming of for years now. I think entrepreneurship is the key to my future and see no need to wait any longer. Instead of waiting for things to get better I am going to make them better myself and you should join me. When Thanksgiving arrives I plan to be thankful for a blossoming future, not to be hanging on while the economy crumbles.


So put up or shut up, the challenge is out there and the raw material to make it happen is right in front of you. There’s no need to wait anymore, November is as good a time as any to launch your new adventure, and that’s exactly what it is. We all stand on the edge of a brave new world. In front of us a landscape of possibility and promise stretches to the horizon. Will we answer the call and take the leap of faith? I can’t promise it will be easy in fact I hope it’s not. I want to be tested. It’s only when we are pushed to the limit that we see just how far we can go. If we fail we can’t give up, we have to turn every setback into a lesson and use it. Make it happen friends, no more excuses!

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