Say Goodbye to October

Happy Halloween brothers and I do mean brothers. Today is the last day of October and one of my favorite holidays and I plan to celebrate. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month though and what better time to start something new. Here at Jack we have envisioned a revolution of sorts. It’s time that men come together and start behaving like men; it’s time that we embrace what we are and what we want and move towards it. It’s time that men start that revolution and push for change and the best place to start is in their own lives. After all how can we change the world if we can’t take care of our own issues? Men are filling their lives with things that hold them back.

It’s time to reverse this trend and Jack believes that a good place to start is in the three things that enslave men most; Pornography, our jobs, and our stuff. These three areas inhibit more men from achieving their goals then any others. So in the coming month and the time left in this year I challenge you as a man to look carefully at these things and ask yourself if over-indulgence or prioritization of them are hurting your life and holding you back?

Pornography, even the word sounds dirty, but it shouldn’t be and neither should you as a man, be ashamed that it’s in your life. There is nothing wrong with it and men and women both have long agreed that it can be stimulating and erotic to enjoy. Many couples use it as a tool in their bedroom arsenal to add flavor and flair to their normal routines. However like a lot of good things in our life when it’s over indulged it becomes dangerous. Too many men have replaced their sex lives and relationships with pornography. Simply put they’ve lost themselves in a fantasy world that just doesn’t exist. They forget that many of the actors they watch are being paid to act out fantasies. It’s not real and chances are most girlfriends, wives, and lovers do not want to be treated like a porn star in their own bedrooms on a regular basis. More damaging is the way that it takes over someone’s life. It can be worse than alcohol or drugs.

Guys we have to turn it off, and tone it down. There are real live women out there wanting to meet you and have sex, how can you meet them though chained to your computer? It’s holding you back and keeping your mind from seeing the real world. We shouldn’t be running from reality but embracing it and using it to our advantage. I am telling you from experience men that the real women out there are better than anything you will ever find in porn, and will help you succeed and have the life you want. This November, challenge yourself to throw out your stash, delete the websites and get out there into the real world. Go workout; join a gym or a boxing club. Channel all that energy into something useful. There’s a reason most successful men find wealth after their early thirties; it’s not until then that they have learned to control their sex drive and channel it.

Our jobs, nothing else in our lives does more to build up the image of who we are then our jobs. Unfortunately many of us work jobs we hate because we feel that economically we have no choice. But if we hate what we dedicate the most time to each day what does that say about how we feel about ourselves? This November if you do nothing else, explore some new job opportunities. Put some serious thought into the career you actually want versus what you think you have to do. Do some research, and networking. I promise you that it is not nearly as difficult to make a living doing what you want as you have been led to believe. You are after all a man in control of his own life. Don’t buy into the same old line; you decide, you choose, it’s your life, so stop letting others tell you where it should go.

I want a Ferrari; I’m not ashamed to say it. I lust after a new 458 Italia in my dreams. At the end of the day though it’s just a car, is it really going to make my life better? Maybe it would maybe not. Would I feel more complete with one in my garage, or more stressed? In the end I know that I would be happy with a comfortable car that got me where I needed to go, and honestly I’d be really happy if I didn’t need a car period. I used to see a car as freedom, to go where I please when I please. Now though I see a lead weight hanging from my neck. The same could be said of a house, furniture, cell phones and the list goes on and on. What I really desire is to be able to see the entire world, to work independently online from any location. Simply put a house full of electronics, gadgets, and things would prohibit me from doing what I want to. Are the things you have filled your house with holding you back. Sure they make your life more convenient and comfortable but have they freed you or chained you to one location.

Possessions are a sad replacement for experiences. Those moments that we will never forget are what we should be filling our lives with. The rest comes and goes, and fades with time. This November why don’t you take some time to clean out the house literally? Get rid of the stuff you don’t need, and don’t use. Get rid of the things that hold you back. It’s very simple, go through your things and ask yourself with each one is this helping me move forward. Be candid and honest with yourself and if the answer is no, then chuck it and move on. Guys, there is a whole world out there waiting for you. There are people you need to meet, places you need to see, and things you need to experience. We all want to be better men I hope. Well start this November by simplifying your life and cutting down to the essence of what makes a man, his character and personality.

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