The Super Hero Beneath

I’m sitting in front of my computer waiting for inspiration to hit me this morning. Sometimes this can be a long wait and the weather outside; rainy, cool, and overcast is not helping. You see it’s not that I have no ideas, but that there are just too many floating around up there in the logjam that is my head. The task every morning is to sort through the chaos and pick out one idea from the tangle and iron it out into something tangible and solid. Again this is not always the easiest thing to master. Right now I have visions of ghosts and goblins running wild through my thoughts. I can’t help it really, Halloween is just a few days away and I’m a writer and what writer doesn’t want to write scary stories this time of year? Unfortunately scary stories and folk tales aren’t articles that sell. Sometimes on the road to global domination and empire building we have to undertake projects that aren’t always what we’d like to be doing. This is readily apparent in the field of writing, where creativity is often forced to take a backseat to substance, content, and deadlines.
I am sure like most adults out there in the workforce you find yourself doing something you probably don’t enjoy just to the pay the bills and make ends meet. There is nothing wrong with that, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re wasting your life. Many times in this extended road trip called life we have to do what is needed to take care of business, and keep the boat afloat. Maybe that is exactly the draw of Halloween. It’s a holiday where it’s okay to pretend and want to be something else. Maybe you’re a cubicle dweller staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, but for one night though you can dress up in your best Indiana Jones attire and be an adventurous archeologist saving the world from evil and badly dressed Nazi occultists. For one night we don’t have to meet deadlines, file reports, and be responsible. We can live in the world of our dreams and remember what it was like to be a kid again and see the wonder and imagination of a world filled with possibility and excitement.
This Halloween I hope you take advantage of the time to dream and imagine. Think about what you want to be doing but instead of putting that dream to bed on November 1st, start doing something about it. While you may belong to your job for eight hours of the day, there are many hours left before bed to start building your empire. Your job is no excuse to not be pursuing your dream career. If anything slaving away all day for someone else’s goals should be a constant reminder of exactly why you need to be starting your own business. Each evening after work, commit yourself to spending some time on your own ideas. Call this time your dream incubator if that helps but make sure you do something good with this time. Turn off the TV, put down the video games, and start doing something constructive. You should be excited to be working towards your own freedom and independence. Look forward to this time each day and plan for it all day so when you do get home you’re primed for action.
I talk about building an empire and I am sure to some it sounds rather lofty. Big goals are what move us forward though. When man went to the moon he didn’t start by saying he simply hoped to get a rocket off the ground. He dreamed big and took the little steps along the way to get to that goal. I talk about grand ideas but I also recognize that those plans have steps along the way and I see them. Let your first steps in a big plan be brainstorming each night after work. Get together with some friends and throw ideas around, have a few beers. At the least you may have an entertaining night, and maybe even come up with that next great thing that will make millions. If you know someone who has a business, talk to them and pick their brain. There’s no use reinventing the wheel when someone else can offer shortcuts to your goal. Regardless start using this time doing things you don’t like to your advantage, make it productive and reclaim lost hours. Today you may be simply a mechanic, or a typist, but that could just be your disguise, waiting underneath that mild-mannered exterior is a super hero waiting to be unleashed.

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