Do what You Love, Make Money

Becoming your own boss may be the most important choice you will make in the rest of your life. This one decision could open doors to wealth, and more importantly a level of satisfaction that many of us have been unable to find in our careers and jobs up to this point. If you have been considering your own business or contracting operation I urge you to take the leap and get started right away. Contrary to what you may believe or hear this recession we find ourselves in today is the perfect moment to begin. Consumers are looking for new products ideas and investments. Those with the courage to weather the storm right now stand to make fortunes when the economy picks up. More importantly by starting a business now you are helping to fix that economy yourself.
What can you do well? Do you have a natural talent for something or a hobby you enjoy doing? You can turn that into income, and anyone who tells you different is deceiving you. Likewise I have heard many people remark that if they took their hobby and turned it into “work” that they would soon grow tired of it and no longer enjoy it. I’m sorry but that’s just crap, and a cop-out; excuses like that are simply nothing more than fear unmasking itself once again. If you ask most people why they are unsatisfied with their jobs they will tell you that they find the work boring, uninteresting, or unfulfilling. Spending your days doing something you detest is not a career; it’s slow torture. Don’t kid yourself; there is nothing noble or responsible about drudgery.
If you want to see true models for success I guarantee, you will need to look for people who are making careers out of doing what they love. Bill gates, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump have more in common than being rich, and leaders in their fields, they also made careers out of things they were passionate about. If you have any hope at all of being a successful entrepreneur then you had better get into a field you not only enjoy but love. That love for what you do, will keep you going during the rough times and keep you from giving up.
Where to Begin
For the purposes of this article we will be talking about some things you can do from your home, via the internet or word of mouth marketing. The internet is a goldmine of opportunities to those willing to put in the legwork and research. Best of all everything you need is at your fingertips. There’s no need to travel across town or go to interviews. If you have a keyboard and can navigate a search engine then you are ready to go. There are articles and how to manuals for literally anything you can think of online. Sites such as, Hubpages, Ezine, and dozens of others are good places to begin. Ask around with your friends and family too. Facebook is an excellent tool for networking and information gathering. It would also be a great place to find out what people are looking for and need, and use those suggestions to build a product to market or sell. Don’t let words like “marketing and sales,” intimidate you. If you’re going to start your own business then more often than not the product is you and you need to get comfortable with that notion.
Maybe you can do something better than most people. Offering a service is as good a business as any other. Can you paint miniatures, organize files and programs? Can you cook, or prepare food? Can you draw or write? These are just a small list of things that you can do from the internet and make good money. Another route to go is to think of everyday activities that you enjoy. Do you like drinking beer? Brew your own and start a brand. Craft breweries are still enjoying massive success despite the economy. Are you a coffee addict? Coffee is the number one selling beverage in the world and the fastest growing segment of the food industry. Coffee beans can be bought and resold for a very nice profit. If you are willing to invest and do the research there is a huge market for gourmet coffee. If you love exercising and have found a good way to lose weight safely and effectively, start an online training site to help others get in shape. Do you know how to eat healthy then you could sell recipes.
There is not nearly enough room for me to list everything you could do in one article. This is just a starting point and a direction to take. I have given you a few ideas now it falls on you to take it further and do the work. Go to the sites I listed above and do some exploring and reading. The internet is an information depository. Everything you need to know to take any hobby or skill and turn it into a career and income stream is there online. Like anything though it is not going to come to you. You must take action and have the initiative to do and look for yourself. As a final thought before I wrap this up I have one final idea for your consideration. If you are employed now in some field or craft, think back to recent clients or customers. Were they satisfied by your employers work or output, if not do you think you could have done better yourself, if allowed to? If so why not approach that customer yourself and offer to do just that? Always remember that working for someone else can be more detrimental to your name and reputation than you think. Even though it’s not your business or name on the sign, your boss’s low standards and practices can ruin your name just as quickly has theirs.

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