Jack and Self-employment

Jack is not a site dedicated to life coaching. While this growing industry offers the potential to make millions for clever marketers and visionaries, I feel that until one has achieved some measure of success themselves then telling others how to do it is a little empty to say the least. I do have a background in counseling and I won’t lie I enjoyed working with people and helping them identify the problem areas in their lives and growing beyond them. However like many of us I have always suffered from an inability to heed my own advice and put it to practical use in my own life. Jack was created as an outlet and a tool for those who have been affected by the current recession. I hope that as it grows this site will help others find the information and resources they need to start their own businesses and careers, and hopefully take control of their own lives; more than anything though I created Jack for men.
I don’t know if I am alone in this sentiment, but it seems to me that men today are lost. We seem to be struggling for identity and purpose. There are those that say media and its belittlement of men is to blame. Others would like to point the finger at absentee fathers and my time counseling inmates in local jails would seem to lend weight to that argument. But how do you explain the millions of guys,who for all intents and purposes grew up with great dads in well adjusted homes but are still struggling. I’m not sure that there is any one factor behind this growing sense of futility and hopelessness in men. As we struggle for employment, financial security, and control, men everywhere are asking deep questions of themselves. Who am I, what do I want, and what am I supposed to do now? These are just a few of the riddles weighing us down and keeping men awake at night. The questions may be simple but the answers may as well be locked inside the Vatican vaults. Moreover it seems that the answers themselves are continuously changing as the roles men are expected to play in modern society seem to be in a constant flux.
Be Your Own Boss
Many of those who go into business for themselves share a common motivation; to be their own boss. There is a growing backlash against corporate servitude and the capitalization of America. “Why should I slave away to make rich men richer,” I’ve asked myself this question more than a few times. The answer is you shouldn’t! You should be working to make yourself rich. Unfortunately there’s only one way to really accomplish that. One way or another you must overcome the fear and accept the risk and go into business for yourself. Most people contemplating entrepreneurship today will never act on their dreams for one reason, fear. They fear failing and responsibility. I’m not going to lie. There is a lot to lose, and I’m a little intimidated by the prospect of going out on my own, but really what do you have to lose? That current job may be paying the bills but how long can you count on it? What will you do if it goes away or fails? Do you really want to have your future in the hands of someone else’s ability to manage a business?
Self-employment isn’t just a tool for financial empowerment but a vehicle for confidence and identity. Let me ask you something, and be honest, how many times has someone asked you questions about yourself and your life and you answer with your job? When someone asks you who you are, does laborer, programmer, or cook really come close to describing who you are? Does it sum up all your creativity, passion, and qualities? More importantly is it what you want etched on your tombstone? Second question; is the job you have now really what you want to be doing the rest of your life? If it’s not then you better take a few moments to look over your goals and priorities. Now is the time to get started on them. Why wait until you are old and run down by life to start actually enjoying it. For those of you that are unemployed right now then this is a no brainer and you have no excuse. The unemployed know exactly what it feels like to be expendable and out of control? You don’t need money to start every business and there are hundreds that can be started with as little as a hundred bucks or less.
Guys we need to start taking responsibility for our lives. At the end of the day there is only one person to blame for our hopelessness and dissatisfaction and that’s the man that we see in the mirror every day. We need to become proactive not only with our careers but with our health too. If you think the two aren’t connected then you’re living in denial. Health and the way we view ourselves guys has more to do with our confidence then almost any other factor in our lives. Confident, self-assured men find it easier to find work, are more appealing to prospective employers, and command more respect in our society then those who have a poor self-image. That is what Jack and its affiliated pages and articles are about. It’s time for guys to start standing up straight again, and walking tall. If we can then the rest of the issues will fall into line.
In the next article Jack will explore various business opportunities and options for the self starter. We will also look at strategies to start taking control of our health and mental attitude that will enable us to master our own lives.

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