Walk Away

“Happiness is the easiest thing to be, but the hardest choice you will ever make.” I’ve made my choice and I hope you have too. But from here on out all of us are going to have to start adopting a more self-centered approach to thinking. Now I’m not advocating selfish indulgence at all. What I am saying though is that it’s time to stop worrying about other people, specifically what they think and what they’re doing. People are who they are and they will do what they will. Just as you and I deserve to have the kind of life we want so do others. Remember that in the end all of us are simply pursuing our own goals and directions. Robert Greene said in his book, The 48 Laws of Power, “Never waste valuable time or peace of mind, on the affairs of others- that is simply too high a price to pay.”
Looking back over the course of my life I would have to agree with Mr. Greene. Facebook is an addiction that illustrates this point precisely. How many hours have we wasted away going through posts and updates of others? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what other people are doing. We allow them to affect us, and even anger us at times because we lay our own standards and expectations over their lives. To be honest with myself, this kind of thinking is extremely arrogant and unfair, and downright foolish. You cannot control other people, or expect them to live life as you would want.
This life is about what you want. So stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or what they’ll say about your decision to change your life. Let me warn you now that once it becomes known that you are taking steps to break the mold and move away from the status quo the naysayers will come out of the woodwork. It will shock and surprises you just who will have something negative to say about your new life, but don’t be bothered by it. Negative opinions of those who dare to dream are common and stem from fear and jealousy. Many people have spent so long convincing themselves that something is impossible or impractical as a means of excusing fear and doubt. When they see someone accomplish the so-called impossible it’s like holding up a mirror to their own failures and fears.
Part of knowing what you want and deciding on what you want to do in life will involve walking away from many of the things that are holding you down, you cannot be afraid to walk away. There is a great quote from the movie Fight Club that I often recite when I think about moving forward in life; “The things we own end up owning us.” How many of us have become imprisoned by the lifestyle we have built. We have things to pay for, cars to pay-off, Mortgages, and the list goes on and on. Even our jobs have become shackles that keep us chained to a certain place and locked in a circle of routine. What can you live without? I mean really live without and discard? Now is the time to start unlocking the shackles friends. It’s also time to let go of the past.
I know too many people that hold onto pain and past traumas like they were a warm blanket keeping out the cold. They fool themselves into believing that embracing the pain is a way of moving on, but it’s an illusion and a lie. Maturity and strength is not a measure of what you have endured and been through but what you have moved past and rose above. The past is dead, it can never be remade and for the most past those that hurt you will never change, apologize, or sadly be called to account for those sins. There are several ways to deal with this, many turn to religion and the notion that God will avenge them. Personally I believe that we have to accept that bad things happen. Everyday all over the world horrendous events affect good people for no apparent reason. This does not mean that life is unfair or unjust. It’s just life and here we are in it. If you’ve been holding a grudge or keeping a painful memory close I urge you to put it down and stop living in the past. I know you may never forget but that doesn’t mean you have to bear it with you every moment of the day in the present. Neither do you have to use those painful things as an identity today. Those that do are labeling themselves victims and will remain as such until they choose otherwise. Let it go folks. You have no hope for a future if you live in the past.
Moving On
Normally this would be the point in the book or lecture when you would be told to visualize what you want and write it down, and go through one of many exercises to clarify that want. I feel no need to repeat it here for you. I think we all know what we want. It’s simply a matter of honesty within us. Can you be honest with yourself? I don’t know what anyone reading this may not want, nor can I plan your life for you (refer to previous paragraphs). What I can tell you is what I want and how I plan to get it.
After some careful thinking I have decided that I want an online career and occupation. The principle reason behind this is that such a career would enable me to work from anywhere. Some people hear about those working from home and envision lazy slackers, hunched over a keyboard all day downing hotpockets. I could care less about what they think. When I think about working from my computer, I see, no more commutes, no more gas bills, or uniforms. I see having time to work out each day eat right and enjoy time with those I love. I also see the ability to work from a beach, a mountaintop, or even the desert. If you think it’s impossible think again. There are thousands of entrepreneurs doing that very thing right now.
This brings me to the other half of my plan. I’m ready to move folks and I’m not talking about across town, but out of this country. I’m ready to be somewhere else not America. The problems and issues that plague our society can be found in almost every nation on the planet but the ways they are addressed and dealt with vary from place to place. I know that life is extremely harsh in other nations but I also know that it is extremely simplified in many more. That’s what I’m looking for.
So what are you looking for, where do you want to go, I asked you these things yesterday and I’ll ask them again today? Are you ready to walk away from the things in your life that are holding you down and the past that holds you back? If you’re not then you have some work to do.

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