Time to Decide

Ready for Change

Obviously before you can change anything in or around your life you have to first be ready for change. I know that many of us say we want change that we’re fed up, and tired, but talking about it isn’t the same as preparing for it or truly being ready for it. Wanting a thing in your daydreams and leisure thoughts while going about your everyday activities and routines doing the same thing you’ve always done is only going to bring more of the same thing. There must come a point in which you just stop. You have to stop living life the same way you have been up to this point. It’s just a simple matter of fact.
The idea behind Jack was a way for me to begin that step towards change. Jack is not an alter ego so to speak. I’ll leave that kind of theatrics to Tyler Durden and Fight Club. Jack is more about a thought process to remind me to be different in my everyday actions and thinking. If you want to go even further Jack is the general that has declared war on my old life and way of being. It sounds extreme but it’s an honest reflection of what some of us are going to have to do if we ever hope to break out of our old habits and establish new ones. Habits are where this will all begin, and all habits start with thoughts. So to change our lives we have to change our thinking.
Many of us, me included are in a situation right now that we created ourselves by doubt, fear, and general insecurity. We have relied on others for our financial advancement by allowing others to set the worth of our knowledge, skill, and labor through an hourly wage. Now traditional thinking would tell you that this is the way it’s supposed to be. It certainly is the model that has been followed for decades by the masses. However traditional thinking has a way of rewarding those setting the wage while keeping those on the bottom in a state of constant poverty. I’m not going to get into the rationale behind this, or who created the system and why. That’s no longer important. What is though is that all of us who have decided to leave this system behind start acting on it.
Step One: Decide
I cannot emphasize this point enough. You have to make a choice not just in your mind but in your heart and soul. As my brother has told me on more than one occasion, you cannot live in two worlds. Either you will be or you won’t be, or my favorite, “Shit or get off the pot.” Society in general has some serious issues with commitment these days in the form of indecisiveness. We are so paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice that we often make no choice or in the end the choice is made for us, usually by someone who has no idea or concern about what is best for us.
So you have to decide, and you need to say it out loud, and write it down somewhere you will see it every day. It’s time to put down excuses and rationalizing about obligations and the things in your life that you need to take care of. Family is important, you have to feed your children and provide them with shelter, food, and security, I do agree. However I do not agree with people who use these things as crutches. I cannot count how many of my friends have shared with me their desires to do something different with their lives and chase their dreams. They talk about the hopelessness of their current situation and the injustice of the way the world works. Yet when asked to actually do something it’s the same old excuses and the same old promises; “One day…When this is done and this is paid off…and the perfect set of circumstances arrives at my doorstep gift wrapped in a bow, I will…” Really what they’re saying is; I want to change my life and make it better but only if there’s no risk involved and someone will do it for me.
My first instinct when I hear things like this is to tell these people to stop wasting my time and shut up. That’s something that I need to change though in myself. I recognize the fear and the hesitation. There is a lot to lose out there in our current economy. Staying with a sure thing seems to be the smart choice when jobs are non-existent and money is tight. I understand that you might really be waiting for things to improve and stabilize before you make your move and if that is your choice then it is. But consider this for me; Death has never waited on anyone to finish their bucket list before it took them, what makes you think that life will wait either. You need to get busy and get going now. Because you do not know how long you have left to make it happen.
For those of you who are ready. Let’s do this. Let’s decide today that we will no longer be slaves. Let’s make the choice to day to take control and start steering this ship that is our lives towards a better place. Read this aloud and with some passion, I know that the cubicle you’re sitting in may have beaten the meaning of that word out of you, but if we’re going to do this we need to rediscover passion again and start injecting it back into our lives. So with passion say this to yourself… “I am doing this…it may be hard…but I will do this…I won’t give up, I won’t quit… I will work tirelessly everyday to build the life I want and accomplish my goal.”
Now what is your goal? Think about it tonight and write it down, think of some ideas. What places have you always wanted to visit, what do you see yourself doing as a career. What is it that you are passionate about? What do you enjoy doing and can do well? Tomorrow we will start working on a plan of action to make these things happen.

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